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    Friday July 10, 2020

    Helping Children Tomorrow
    Personal Planner
    Parents and children often have a different perspective on saving and spending. Parents of retirement age today were...
    RV Travel Tips in the Summer of COVID
    Savvy Living
    My husband and I have been cooped up all spring and summer because of the coronavirus and would like to take a trip using a rented RV. Can you give us some tips and safety information? Recreational vehicle (RV) travel has become a very popular option among U.S. retirees over the past few decades. It is likely one of the safest and most convenient ways to get away this summer. Because it is a small home on wheels, RV travel will allow you to distance yourself from crowds of people. This reduces the risk of COVID-19 exposure that comes with other forms of travel, such as, air/train travel, lodging and eating in restaurants. However, there are still risks, especially in public places like...
    IRS Tax Filing Date Will Be July 15
    Washington News
    In IR–2020–134, the Service announced that taxes must be paid by July 15, 2020. While there had been discussion about delaying tax filing and payments, the IRS confirmed the July 15 date for 2019 tax returns. This date was extended from the normal April 15 filing date due to COVID–19. Taxpayers should pay their taxes and file by July 15. If they are not prepared to file, taxpayers may file IRS Form 4868 to obtain an automatic extension until October 15, 2020. Everyone who owes tax should pay the proper amount by July 15, regardless of whether they have obtained an extension. If a taxpayer cannot pay the full amount of his or her tax bill, there are several options to...